The city where to come back

Two years ago I was wondering why I have never been in Amsterdam, since that moment I have visit the city in 5 occasions. In all of them I always find something new and fascinating about the city. My love is so unconditional that living in there is a personal dream of mine. Amsterdam is a city for walking. Personally, I won’t recommend you to get a bike as it can be a challenge with the high traffic in the city. All the places that you must visit are easily reachable by foot. Gastronomy is not the strongest point in the city, more for an empty pocket like mine. So here, I will be recommending you some of the best cheapest spots in town, if you are in a budget like me. Also, where to stay to spend the night and some curious spots a long the canals.


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Alejandro Corrales

Where to sleep

Clicknoord This is actually the coolest hostel I have ever been. They have rooms from 10€, which is really cheap for a really expensive city. Situated in the other side of the Central Station, you will need to take a ferry to the other side of the river. The ferry is free and run the 24h, and is literally 5 minutes trip. The rooms are very nice and they have a really cool bar where you can make some friends and an amazing professional kitchen.

Where to eat


Famous for their vending machines is the best place for quick bite or when the munchies call. Try the bitterbalen and the mayonnaise they put in their fries. Delicious!

New York Pizza

Best place for pizza by slices. They are really cheap for the prices you can find in Amsterdam.

Van Stapele Koekmakerij

They sell just one type of cookies. The queue can get really long, so it must be something about then. They are a little expensive but they worth it.

What to visit

I think the best of Amsterdam is Amsterdam. Buy a sandwich in a supermarket and seat down by the Rijksmuseum. Visit the Heineken factory, even if the ticket cost 20€. And watch a film in the Pathé Tuschinski, so far the most beautiful cinema I have ever seen.

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