Cooking during lockdown

Korean Bibimbap

From one day to another we found ourselves stuck at home. Speaking with friends and family I realised that not everybody is copying with this situation in the same way. Luckily I think I am doing quite ok. I have plan to use this time to relax, enjoy the sun, rework in my blog, spend time with Mia (my fluffy pet rabbit), exercise but beyond all that, cook.

I have always cook very much, but we are using this days (me and my boyfriend) to take risks, discover new recipes, and in my case, get myself into baking, as I have never being very good at it.

I will be publishing our results here, every recipe, how hard it is to do and the ingredients and their alternatives, in case you don’t have it at home. Please stay home and don’t go for unnecessaries groceries. If there is any ingredients that you don’t have and you want to find a substitute just write it in the comments and we will try to give you different ideas for it.

Our first recipe was a Korean Bibimbap. It is incredible how tasty it is considering how simple it is to do. The good thing about this dish is that accepts different variation, and if you are missing any ingredients it is really easy to find alternatives. Here is how we did it:

Ingredients for 2 people:

  • 2 cups of rice (espresso cups)
  • Spinach
  • 250gr of beef mince (Quorn Mince if you are Vegetarian)
  • Carrots
  • 2 eggs (1 per serving)
  • Spring Onion
  • Hot Pepper Bean Sauce (or any tangy and spicy sauce you may have)
  • Soy Sauce
  • 1 Garlic clove

First, start preparing the meat: soak the mince in soy sauce (the longer the better). After that, cook it in a pan in medium high until the meat is cook. You will see how the meat release some juices and water. Make sure you save this for our next step. Reserve the mince.

In the same pan where we have cook the meat, and using the leftover juices, cook the carrot until gold. Reserve.

Finally, slice the garlic clove into small pieces. Cook it in the same pan you had used before, when golden, add the spinach.

When all the ingredients are ready, put each of them in a deep plate or bowl one next to each other. To finish the dish, cook a fried egg that will go on top together with some cut spring onions. You can add the sauce at this moment or maybe your prefer to put it in a small bowl for everybody to decide how much they want to put. The choice is yours.


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