Ey there!

My name is Azahara, for the ones that are wondering what my weird name means, just let you know that it has an Arabic origin and it means “a women as beautiful as a flower”. There is an old palace in Cordoba, Spain call “Medina Azahara”. My grandparents are from there so my parents decided that name will be the most appropriate for me.

Right now I am working in Digital Marketing but I have been Basketball referee, cashier, chef in Mcdonalds, cleaner, many professions that I can’t even remember anymore and journalist. 

Sometimes I wake up and I don’t want to get up, I listen some exciting music and do some exercise and I feel great. Sometimes I stay in bed for two days, eat too much and feel really guilty about it. I change my mind about everything about seven times per day. Sometimes I even drive myself crazy.

I like food and sun (I am Spanish) but I also absolutely adore cinema (Singing in the rain and Gone with the Wind are my bff), sunsets and a nice walk in Spring. I like to take photos and travel to discover new food. I am a feminist with a special taste for crips but a believer in eating real food.

I have lived way too many experiences and I am very honest about what I think about things. I like to write, because it makes me put things in perspective (also because I have a terrible short time memory).

I hope you enjoy my blog, I am doing it because I am not very good at not doing things, and also because maybe my reflections can help you to reflect. 

I will see you in my posts.

Thanks for reading.